Allied ICT accelerates tomorrow’s breakthrough innovations

Digitalization creates vast possibilities for growth, but success requires agility, financial investment, and new partnership models. Finland must be in the vanguard of new technologies and business opportunities. Allied ICT Finland offers a smooth and efficient way to cooperate as your RDI partner.
Allied ICT Finland is a collaboration network of Finnish ICT research institutes and their cities, national ecosystems both applying and enabling ICT, hundreds of researchers and a large number of companies.


universities and research organisations


regional business development organizations


shared R&D environments

What do we offer?

For businesses

• An RDI partner for your projects covering the whole spectrum of ICT research.

• Contact point to Finnish ICT

• Coordinated EU-activities

For researchers

•Collaboration Projects

• Platforms: Shared RDI infrastructure

• Thematic gatherings, like poster days

• Coordinated EU-activities

Management and Coordination Team

The Management and Coordination Team is in charge of coordination and implementation. The daily operation takes place under following topics:


  • Maximizing the effect of the network
  • Operational excellence
  • Taking care of network members
  • Project funding support and platforms


  • New strategic initiatives
  • New projects and references
  • Research themes and application areas

External relationships

  • Relationships to public entities, like funding agencies, governmental authorities and the EU,
  • International RDI relationships
  • Ecosystems and relationships to companies in Finland.

National Steering Group

The National Steering Group follows and steers AIF operations, make alignments and agrees on common ways to operate. The National Steering Group assembles three to four times per year. Each AIF member has a representative in the National Steering Group.

Arto Maaninen


Pasi Tyrväinen

Deputy Chairman

Jaakko Sauvola

Executive Director

National steering group members

Juha Ala-Mursula

Business Oulu

Jari Isohanni

Centria AMK

Henri Karppinen

LAB AMK, Lappeenranta

Pauli Kuosmanen

University of Tampere

Heidi Kuusniemi

University of Vaasa

Jouko Lampinen

Aalto University

Pekka Lehtovuori


Jussi Leponiemi

Business Oulu

Johan Lilius

Åbo Akademi

Pasi Liljeberg

University of Turku

Michael Lindholm

Turku Business region

Arto Maaninen

University of Oulu

Juuso Mikkonen 

City of Lappeenranta

Sakari Nokela

Callio – Mine for Business

Maria Paasivaara

LUT University

Sami Paatero

University of Helsinki

Arto Pussinen

Business Finland

Pasi Raiskinmäki

University of Jyväskylä

Heikki Rasku

SeAMK – Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

Tero Reunanen

TuAMK – Turku University of Applied Sciences

Stefan Råback

VASEK Oy, Vaasa

Mirva Salokorpi


Anne Sandelin

Business Jyväskylä

Matti Saren

KAMK – Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Jaakko Sauvola

University of Oulu

Jarmo Siltanen

XAMK – South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Sasu Tarkoma

University of Helsinki 

Kalle Toivonen

City of Helsinki

Jorma Tuominen

VAMK – Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

Pasi Tyrväinen

University of Jyväskylä

Anna-Kaisa Valkama


Essi Vanha-Viitakoski

Robocoast Pori

Tommi Virtanen


Heini Wallander

Business Tampere